2018 ford F-150 review

If you think modern full-size pickup trucks are big and dumb you’re only partly right. Case in point, this F-150. It might be big but it is not dumb. Quite the contrary Ford has approached this generation F-150 as a literal test bed, switching its bed and cabs construction from steel to lightweight aluminum helping improve fuel economy and performance. Inside the aluminum body is a seriously functional cabin. The seats are comfortable and supportive, the armrests are well positioned, even though that one is way over there, there’s lots of door storage space, and a really huge bit of storage here in the center console. Look there goes the medical tape. Up front you’ve got a couple of itemized spots where I guess I can put my wallet with more space than I really need.

Up top yet another – storage bin. The F-150 is a little like an industrial loft. It is a great place to live and work. Buyers can spec their F-150 in regular, super cab, and super crew layouts but for carrying people the super crew is definitely the play. Legroom is outstanding, unlike the cozier super cab. A flat floor means sitting in the middle position is not some sort of punishment and easy flip up seats mean you can store your gear safely inside away from the elements and thieves.

And these channels look like they’re expertly crafted to carry, I don’t know, large shipments of wine. Maybe my mom needs an f-150. Sorry, mom. Of course cabin plushness varies by trim. The basic XL trim comes drenched in easy to clean plastic but higher trims offer increasingly luxurious appointments. Nothing caps a hard day on the job like cooled and massaging seats…I’m assuming.

Reviewing cars isn’t a real job speaking of real jobs if you plan to haul more than just air you’ve got three choices. A six and a half foot bed or optional 8 foot cargo box come on the regular and super cab models while the super crew offers bed lengths of five and a half and six and a half feet.

The F-150’s bed is a perfectly functional space to haul stuff but it should be noted that a damp tailgate does not come standard. F-150, dropping at old school. Also, the optional tailgate step does make it easier to get in and out of the bed but this one doesn’t have it so roll the b-roll while I parkour my way into the bed. For easier bed loading check the option sheet where you’ll find pop-out side steps, integrated loading ramps, a bed extender / divider, and a damped remote release tailgate or an assistant closing tailgate with an integrated step. As a big capable truck you might expect the F-150’s road manners to be unrefined but that’s not really the case. Okay there are the normal live rear axle jitters over bumps but otherwise ride quality is good. The brakes feel confident, interior noise is suppressed unless I’m making my bag bounce around in back, and outward visibility is surprisingly good in all directions.

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